n., v., & adj.
1 a (often attrib.) a hard, brittle, usu. transparent, translucent, or shiny substance, made by fusing sand with soda and lime and sometimes other ingredients (a glass jug) (cf. crown glass, flint glass, plate glass). b a substance of similar properties or composition.
2 (often collect.) an object or objects made from, or partly from, glass, esp.: a a drinking vessel. b a mirror; a looking-glass. c an hour- or sand-glass. d a window. e a greenhouse (rows of lettuce under glass). f glass ornaments. g a barometer. h a glass disc covering a watch-face. i a magnifying lens. j a monocle.
3 (in pl.) a spectacles. b field-glasses; opera-glasses.
4 the amount of liquid contained in a glass; a drink (he likes a glass).
1 (usu. as glassed adj.) fit with glass; glaze.
2 poet. reflect as in a mirror.
3 Mil. look at or for with field-glasses.
—adj. of or made from glass.
Phrases and idioms:
glass-blower a person who blows semi-molten glass to make glassware. glass-blowing this occupation. glass case an exhibition display case made mostly from glass. glass-cloth
1 a linen cloth for drying glasses.
2 a cloth covered with powdered glass or abrasive, like glass-paper. glass cloth a woven fabric of fine-spun glass.
1 a worker who cuts glass.
2 a tool used for cutting glass. glass eye a false eye made from glass.
glass fibre
1 a filament or filaments of glass made into fabric.
2 such filaments embedded in plastic as reinforcement. glass-gall = SANDIVER. glass-making the manufacture of glass. glass-paper paper covered with glass-dust or abrasive and used for smoothing and polishing. glass snake any snakelike lizard of the genus Ophisaurus, with a very brittle tail. glass wool glass in the form of fine fibres used for packing and insulation. has had a glass too much is rather drunk.
glassful n. (pl. -fuls). glassless adj. glasslike adj.
Etymology: OE glaeligs f. Gmc: cf. GLAZE

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